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It’s the typhoon season again, and as we all know Philippines is the most-exposed large country in the world to tropical cyclones. That leads to Flash floods, landslides, damaged roads, and the hottest topic being talked about recently, BROWNOUT.

That means, no laptops, no business, no iPhone, no Facebook, no twitter, no instagram, no TV, no electric fan, no aircon and most importantly, no light at night.

Not a bad thing for those who has a generator at home that is pretty much expensive than candles but for the majority of us who relies and depends on the Electricity, it’s a major thing.

Good thing there’s BARON SOLAR KIT.


Based on Nat Geo, Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it useable.

The government has also mandated to “increase the utilization of renewable energy by institutionalizing the development of national and local capabilities in the use of renewable energy systems, and promoting its efficient and cost-effective commercial application….”

That is why ADTEL (leading the charge into solar energy in the Philippines) is making this possible through their objective of:

  • Improving the quality of life and alleviate rural poverty in the un-energized and off-grid areas by providing the four (4) basic needs such as lights, education, entertainment and communication through affordable and reliable source of energy - solar.
  • Promoting the use of sustainable, economic and least-cost decentralized electrification solutions for areas not feasible for grid connection/extension in partnership with the local government units, semi-private and private sectors.
  • Increasing productivity, promote livelihood and social interaction in the community by extending their time at night.
  • Applying solar energy technology as the enabling technology for sustainable development.

BARON SOLAR KIT is one great must have especially in times like this to serve as our tool and armor against the different disasters that we will encounter as time goes by. Using it doesn’t only benefit us but the most important thing is it lessens the burden of our mother earth. Remember that we only have one, so LET US SAVE IT.

BARON SOLAR KIT is available at an affordable price of P8,000, for more information, you may visit their website

at http://www.adtelinc.com.ph/


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